Yoga, Meditation, Physical Therapy, and HIIT combine to make you stronger and more flexible in every aspect of your life.



This 6-week program allows you to improve how you live, feel, and move through a series of daily virtual classes delivered right to your desktop, phone, or television. From stretching to mindfulness to fitness, our comprehensive curriculum led by our team of acclaimed guides is designed to help you feel better, look better, and be better than you ever thought possible.

For only $49.99 you get...

Access to 36 pre-recorded classes that address mobility, strength, flexibility, cardio and adaptability

The freedom to go at your own pace or follow the 6-week calendar

A schedule that builds slowly in length and intensity of classes, so you won't get overwhelmed

Comprehensive PDF with daily wellness tips and motivation

Lifetime access to the content so you can revisit the program anytime you want

6 Pre-recorded meditations to help you become more mindful in your everyday life

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Check out a class from the program to see all the great benefits you will be getting. Each day comes with a class that builds upon the previous day, and each week has a theme specifically designed to help you grow physically and mentally. We also give you sample meal plans so you can take a holistic approach to bettering yourself.



I just finished the 6 week Build Your Capacity Challenge and I want to hit repeat and do it over and over again!  The flow from one week to the next was thoughtful and creative and ultimately truly challenging, but I absolutely had the stamina to stick with the daily flows and workouts. The melding of practical and mindful physical therapy with traditional yoga postures (explained and demonstrated so clearly) married with simple, yet profound weekly meditations offered me a unique mind/body/soul experience.  The instructors are supportive cheerleaders and gentle task-masters!  I am inspired and ready for more.

Rebecca DuMaine

Menlo, California

LYT Yoga’s “Build Your Capacity” program was so physically and mentally rewarding, that upon completing the program, I immediately signed up for access to all LYT Yoga’s content. The workouts were varied and comprehensive; One day I was working on increasing my mobility and the next day a HIIT workout on the mat was building my cardio capacity. Intense workouts are a part of my regular routine, but I did not expect a yoga workout to deliver the same level of challenge. LYT Yoga exceeded my expectations by delivering core instruction on how to move and simultaneously pay attention to my alignment. Since starting the program I feel stronger and am experiencing pain relief in my hips and lower back as I learn better ways to move my body.  The workouts always leave me feeling energized and aligned.

Brenda Berger

West Windsor, New Jersey

I really enjoyed the Build Your Capacity program. It was challenging, but never in a way that was discouraging. The main take away for me was the fact that it’s functional movement. You notice yourself tightening the same muscles when bending over to pick something up, or reach for something in day to day life. This meant it had a big impact on my neck and back complaints, and made my posture a lot better. I’d recommend this to anyone as a starting point to a healthier connection with your body.

Mathijs Creemers

Wellem, Limburg, Belgium

<p>Rebecca DuMaine</p>, <p>Menlo, California</p>
<p>Brenda Berger</p>, <p>West Windsor, New Jersey</p>
<p>Mathijs Creemers</p>, <p>Wellem, Limburg, Belgium</p>

About The LYT Method

The LYT Method is grounded in the principles of physical therapy and neurodevelopmental training to help you find freedom through smarter and safer movement patterns. This program is built off of these principles, and tailored to take you from a life of sedentary to a life of physical freedom and joy.


Meet your Guides

With two board-certified physical therapist yoga teachers, and a Ph.d Mindfulness expert, we're putting you in the best hands!

Lara Heimann, PT

CEO and Founder, LYT Yoga

Kristin Williams, MS, DPT, OCS

LYT Movement Expert

Jeremy Engels, Ph.D

Mindfulness and Meditation Coach


This is the time to rewire, and revamp your lifestyle. Join us to feel better, move better, LIVE better as we holistically help you on your journey to build your capacity.

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